My husband and I were having marriage problems. I did not think we could afford a Christian counselor. I prayed, “Lord, please let us find a good Christian counselor” and then I called the first counselor on my list. It was Ron Eastman. He was great for us and our marriage. He helped us work on a lot of things. I am very thankful for him. Still married going on 10 years.
-Former Client

My experiences during the counseling sessions that I had with Ronald Eastman were life changing. Throughout my life I have been the one who always believed she needed to fix everyone around her and also the one who worried about everything. I understood why, but I never understood how I could go about changing my behavior. That is where Ron came in; he listened to me, gave me insight on how I could process my emotions and also was able to quote the scriptures from the Bible that I could apply to my everyday life.
– Former Client